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Our gourmet coffees are freshly roasted so that you may enjoy the fullness of their flavor.


Ethiopia’s Crown & Glory

12 oz: $10

Because of its rich and smooth flavor, it is considered one of the best African coffees.


Ethiopian Wake-UP

12 oz: $10

Ethiopian Wake-UP is our dark roast variety. It is hearty but soft with fruit notes. A perfect choice for dark roast lovers!

gourmet6Mocha-Java Decaf

12 oz: $10

Mocha-Java combines the full-bodied and earthy flavors of Indonesia with the sweet floral tastes of an Ethiopian coffee.

gourmet2-2-largeSmooth & Easy

12 oz: $10

This coffee features a fleeting floral aroma with a bright yet soft finish and a wonderful hint of lemon.

gourmet3-2-largeEthiopian Delight

12 oz: $10

This highly sought after type of coffee produces a cup that has a sweet, fruity and floral flavor, distinctive and irresistible.

gourmet5-largeOther Coffee & TEA Varieties

Are you looking for more coffee varieties including flavored coffees, or other places of origin? Or, are you a TEA lover?
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100% of our profits help improve living conditions of women & children in Ethiopia!